Our Core Platforms

Keystone Nano offers two principal nanotechnology platforms: NanoJackets and NanoLiposomes.

In addition to our expertise in designing, optimizing and producing nanomaterials, we can characterize these materials and test their efficacy in a wide range of in vitro and in vivo applications. By focusing on regulatory requirements for nano-sized products and manufacturing, we decrease the timeline for prototype development and testing to speed the time to production.

Please explore our website to learn more about our innovative, effective nanotechnologies. Contact us for a briefing on our platforms, and find out how they can help you create new products.

Key benefits of Keystone Nano’s nanotechnologies include:

  • Biologically compatible materials that provide a safe platform for therapies.

  • Small particles well-suited for delivering highly toxic payloads directly into cells.

  • Versatile platforms for protecting and delivering a wide range of active compounds.

  • Smart delivery systems that release actives inside cells.

  • Simple surface modification to achieve passive or active targeting.

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