NanoJacket Technology

A safe platform for target therapies
We are developing a novel biocompatible, composite nanoparticle technology that will fundamentally improve the effectiveness and safety of cancer therapies.

NanoJackets loaded with a wide range of pharmaceutical therapies have been tested in cells and models of human cancers with outstanding results. Already in development are applications to transform liver, pancreatic, and breast cancer treatment by creating more effective therapies with fewer side effects. Key benefits of NanoJacket technology include:

  • Composition: NanoJackets are made up of calcium, phosphate, and in some cases a small amount of silicates, compounds that are naturally found within the body

  • Size and stability: Typically 5-50 nanometers, our particles are stable in blood and delivery solutions, circulate well, and easily enter tumor cells to deliver their payloads, destroying cancer cells.

  • Active ingredients: We can load both water-loving (hydrophilic) and water-hating (hydrophobic) compounds into NanoJackets.

  • Protection: Actives are stored inside NanoJackets, preventing degradation during circulation.

  • Delivery : Due to the inherent solubility of calcium phosphates, NanoJackets are stable during circulation and dissolve inside the targeted cell, precisely delivering the active.

  • Targeting: Particles can be targeted through size and surface charge, or a wide range of targeting materials can be attached to the surface.