By passively or actively targeting drugs to the desired action site, our nanoparticles improve the drugs’ efficacy and reduce side effects.

Our medical applications have focused on the encapsulation of chemotherapeutics and photosensitizers for photo-immuno nanoparticle therapy, as well as on diagnostic imaging. Our technologies offer:

  • More effective cancer treatment by encapsulating and targeting chemotherapeutics

  • Effective delivery of previously undeliverable new chemical entities (NCEs)

  • New cancer treatments, such as small interfering RNA (siRNA) or messenger RNA therapies

  • Photo-immuno nanoparticle therapy (PINT) delivered via NanoJackets

  • Improved detection sensitivity through NanoJacketed imaging agents or surface functionalized NanoJacketing imaging agents

  • More effective treatment of cancer via a new chemical entity, the Ceramide NanoLiposome