Keystone Nano's internal development focus is the use of our technologies to improve cancer therapeutics.

Keystone Nano is seeking partners for product opportunities including:

  • Ceramide NanoLiposome Program, which is our program that is closest to clinical testing to establish dosing and human safety. We anticipate that the first ceramide liposome application will be for an orphan drug indication.

  • siRNA Program, using the unique features of NanoJackets to deliver siRNA to select sites of interest for therapeutic applications.

  • Photo Induced Nanoparticle Therapy (PINT) Program, which has demonstrated effectiveness and preliminary safety data.

  • NanoJacketed Fluorophore Program, which is distinctive, nontoxic, and has demonstrated improved fluorescent intensity or quantum yield.

  • NanoJacketing Client Active Ingredients, which allows the development of unique products designed to provide significant new product opportunities.

Please contact us to discuss your area of interest and begin the process of designing a joint nano-enhanced product. You may also contact us through Sage Advisory Group.