Designed To Deliver

Keystone Nano is developing two nanotechnology approaches to improve the delivery of chemicals and pharmaceuticals: NanoJackets (nanocolloids) and NanoLiposomes.

We are developing our own therapeutic compounds and co-developing compounds of interest to commercial partners, such as pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies with difficult delivery challenges.

We use biocompatible nanocolloids like calcium and phosphate to protect and target active compounds. Although calcium phosphate has long been studied, no one could maintain a nanodispersion of calcium phosphate particles containing organic therapeutics — until Keystone Nano created NanoJackets.

NanoJackets use a simple design to deliver enhanced results with fewer side effects. In addition, calcium phosphate is a biologically compatible substance that is generally regarded as safe, so navigating the FDA and EMA approval process can be less complicated and more affordable with NanoJackets than with other delivery systems that use multiple new components.