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At Keystone Nano, we are solving big problems with nano solutions.  We are testing nanoscale therapies in cancer clinics around the United States, and in addition are developing additional nanoparticles in our State College laboratory to better treat cancer.  We have both an internal development program and a series of co-development programs with partner companies, using our unique nanoparticles to deliver their active ingredients.


Our nanoparticles can deliver your chemicals or pharmaceuticals to sites of interest more effectively and precisely than other methods, using stable, nontoxic technology. We work with a wide range of active ingredients and can manufacture nanoparticle surfaces with either passive or active targeting strategies. Actives can be water soluble or sparingly soluble, and can be already approved or novel chemical entities.

  • Partner programs: With our partner companies, we use Keystone Nano technology platforms to address difficult problems associated with delivering existing pharmaceuticals or new chemical entities. We develop novel materials and work with each client to assess efficacy in both medical and industrial applications as we create a marketable product.

  • Internal programs: Our internal development programs are designed to create new nano-enabled ways to treat and diagnose cancer. Key components of the platform are nanocolloids based on calcium phosphosilicates and specially designed nanoliposomes.

Our development work has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, Nalco Company, Ben Franklin Partnership, the KIZ Program, and several leading pharmaceutical companies. Our clients benefit from our considerable intellectual property and development expertise, plus a research team that is further developing nanotechnologies and related novel medical therapies at our laboratories in State College and Hershey, Pennsylvania.



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