Our Partners

Our partners

Keystone Nano has created partnerships with a variety of companies — large and small, public and private, U.S. and international — for projects ranging from small proof-of-principle testing to large-scale, multi-year development programs.

Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company Development of NanoJacket siRNA for in vivo testing
Leading Agricultural Chemicals Company Development of NanoJacket agricultural products for biological testing
Leading Industrial Chemicals Company (Nalco) Development of NanoJacket industrial products
Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company Testing of KN technology in vitro and in vivo
Top 20 Biotechnology Company Development of a related technology, refining the product formulation, scaling up the material and conducting maximum tolerated dose and absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion data, along with other preclinical testing
NIH National Cancer Institute (SBIRs) Financial support to develop technology for medical applications

Other key partners include: Sage Advisors (partnering), Amarex (regulatory consulting), Avanti Polar Lipids (manufacturing of CL), Penn State University (IP and analytical services), Hershey Medical Center (IP and preclinical testing), the Ben Franklin Partnership, and Livingston Capital (capital markets).