At Keystone Nano, we are solving big problems with nano solutions. We’re developing nanoscale solutions for better treatment of cancer and for improvements in difficult-to-solve industrial chemistries. We have both an internal development program and a series of co-development programs with partner companies, using our unique nanoparticles to deliver their actives.


Keystone Nano’s NanoJacket and NanoLiposome technologies have demonstrated their effectiveness as drug delivery vehicles for enhanced treatment of both solid-tumor and non-solid-tumor cancers.


NanoJackets can protect active ingredients during industrial processing and selectively deliver them to achieve the desired industrial effect.


Our NanoJackets can help academic researchers with a wide range of chemical, materials, and biological investigations.


Keystone Nano has an exclusive license to technology patented by Penn State University that allows the creation of stable, non-toxic, long-lasting 5 to 50 nm-composite particles that we call NanoJackets. Composed principally of calcium phosphates or calcium phosphosilicates, these NanoJackets can encapsulate drugs, fluorescents or other molecules of interest. Unlike most other nanoparticles, NanoJackets have biocompatible base materials, dissolve upon entering cells, and can be passively or actively targeted. 


Our technology allows the creation of small liposomes with well-defined size, charge, and stability that have demonstrated effectiveness against hepatocellular carcinoma, leukemias, melanoma and breast cancer. NanoLiposomes can carry ceramide and other compounds of interest. We can scale up NanoLiposome manufacturing and conduct a range of physical and biological characterizations.